Who are we ?


The name Cyphoma comes from the scientific name of a species of mollusk, which is found in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, from Brazil to North Carolina (US).

Commonly called flamingo tongue (or Caribbean money in French), it once served as currency in this part of the world, and symbolizes the values of trade, nature, and proximity.

The project was set up in the West Indies in 2012 based on an analysis of the islands’ needs.


Cyphoma helps to develop and simplify exchanges between private individuals and professionals by grouping together classified ads for goods, services, and meetings.

Combined with a Facebook application, the site offers innovative features, such as multi-zone searches, multi-town searches, transparent language management, currencies, metric systems, creating local relations through searches, etc.

Cyphoma gives items a new life, enabling buyers and sellers to make good deals, while having an environmentally responsible approach.


Sell, Buy, Meet nearby…   

It takes less than a minute to post an ad on the site.

It’s simple, effective, and free.


If you have any questions or would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us