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Posting an ad

Do I have to be registered on Cyphoma to post an ad?

You don’t have to register to post an ad, except for real estate, boat and automotive professionals.

However, the simplest way to post an ad is to use Cyphoma via Facebook. This saves you from having to fill out the information form before posting your ad since the required information is automatically sent from Facebook to Cyphoma. This way, logging in is easier and safer for all users. Facebook also lets you access more features (photos and videos).


How long does it take between the approval of my ad and its publication on the website?

Your ad will be approved in less than 24 hours by a moderator.

We verify all ads in order to ensure the best quality of service possible.


What can I put in the text of my ad?

Describe your product as accurately as possible so that the reader has a maximum of details. To avoid duplication, don’t repeat information from the ad title in the ad text. To ensure your ad isn’t rejected, follow the posting rules.


Is it free to post an ad?

Posting an ad is free except in a few specific cases. These exceptions are indicated when you start the posting process.


Why do I have to give my telephone number if I don’t want it to appear in my ad?

You can hide your number so that it doesn’t appear in the ad. However, you must give a valid number because we may need to contact you to verify your ad.


I haven’t received my activation email, what should I do?

First of all, make sure the email isn’t in your inbox’s spam folder. If you still haven’t received anything after 4 hours, you may have made an error when you entered your email address. Start the procedure over again.


Where will my ad be posted?

You have to post your ad in the area where your item is up for sale because Cyphoma will also display your ad to people located nearby. Posting an ad in more than one location is prohibited.


Can I put more than one item in the same ad?

No, you have to post an ad for each item. It is clearer for the reader and easier for you when managing your ads in the future.


How long will my ad stay online?

Your ad will stay online for 60 days. After this deadline, it will be automatically deactivated. You will receive an email informing you of this. However, if you just click on the link in the email, you will be able to repost it if necessary.


How do I post an ad?

Just click on the “Post an Ad” tab on the homepage and follow the instructions.


Can I put html code in my ad?

No. If you do this, it will be automatically erased. If you want to add photos or a video, there is a field provided for this purpose.


Do I have to put my email address or telephone number in the text of my ad?

Preferably use the fields provided for this purpose. This way, they will be secure and protected against spam. This also will protect you from excessive calls or emails.


Why post photos? How?

An ad with a photo is read 8-10 times more than an ad without a photo.

To add photos to your ad, you can:


Why post videos? How?

A video lets you present the product the way you want to. It is by far the best presentation method.

To add a video, you must first post it on YouTube or in your Facebook video album.


Why choose to highlight my ad?

Highlighting your ad lets you stand out from the others and this way, you can be more visible to potential buyers. Several options are available to you.


Can Cyphoma guarantee a transaction between the buyer and seller?

We never intervene in transactions between buyers and sellers.


Can Cyphoma act as a go-between in the transaction between the buyer and seller?

Refuse any transaction in Cyphoma’s name. Please make sure you read the recommendations. Only accept payments by PayPal or in cash.


Managing my ad

How do I find my ad?

To find your ad, click on the link in the email you received when you posted it. You can also find it by clicking on the “My ads” tab on the site’s homepage.

You may receive all your ads by email if you enter your email address in the "My ads" section.


How do I delete my ad?

To delete an ad, you just have to click on the "Delete" link on the page featuring your ad and enter the password you chose when you confirmed your ad. You can also click on the link in the email you received when you posted your ad.


I deleted my ad but it is still on the site.                                                         

It takes a few minutes between deleting your ad and its removal from the site.


How do I change my ad?

You can change your ad by clicking on the “Modify” link on the page featuring your ad or by clicking on the link you received in your email.

I subscribed to the “Front page” option, but I can’t see my ad in this category.

Your ad is randomly displayed in this location and is shown depending on the volume of the other ads benefitting from the same option.


How do I subscribe to an option?

You can subscribe to an option when you post your ad. If your ad is already online, click on the “Highlight my ad” link in the “My ads” section or in the “My ads online” email.


When can I subscribe to options?

You can subscribe to an option when you post your ad, or at any other time.


Can I subscribe to more than one option at a time?

Yes. Some options can be added together.


How long do options last?

Unless otherwise indicated, the option lasts 60 days upon confirmation of its payment.


Viewing an ad

Can the site be accessed from my smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet PC, etc.?

The site is accessible at one address only for all formats: PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc.:


How do I make a search?

Enter your search in the field provided (indicated by a small magnifying glass).

You can refine your search by using the dropdown category menu.

You can search several locations simultaneously by entering the names or ZIP codes one after the other in the field.


Can I search multiple locations?

You can search multiple locations by entering the different places (names and/or ZIP codes) one after the other in the search bar.

You can also use the automatic “Nearby” function. This lets you expand your search to other locations near yours. This function suggests places that are considered as being close to where you are.



An ad looks suspicious to me, what should I do?

Report this ad to us using the “Report this ad” feature provided for this purpose on the page featuring the ad.


After my ad was posted, I was contacted and scammed, what should I do?

Please report it to us by forwarding the email you received to the following address:

You should also file a police report.


Should I carry out a transaction if it isn’t done in person?

It is preferable to hand over the item in person in exchange for payment. This prevents unwelcome surprises. We would like to remind you that Cyphoma doesn’t guarantee the transaction. This is carried out directly between the buyer and the seller.

If you can’t make a payment in person, insist on using the PayPal payment system only (

Systematically refuse any payment method such as Western Union, Money Order, or MoneyGram. Beware of buyers or sellers who want to use these payment methods.


I received a call from Cyphoma asking me to pay for the ad I posted.

This is a scam. Systematically refuse to make any payment requested in the name of Cyphoma.


Can Cyphoma guarantee a transaction between the buyer and seller?

We never intervene in transactions between buyers and sellers.


Can Cyphoma act as a go-between in the transaction between the buyer and seller?

Refuse any transaction in Cyphoma’s name.


The seller is asking me for a deposit, what should I do?

Never send personal or financial information by email (card number, copy of ID, bank account information/IBAN, your social security number, etc.).


The price seems too low to me, should I be wary?

Beware of offers that are too attractive and prices that are too low. If in doubt, report the ad to us in the field provided for this purpose.


What should I do if I have a doubt?

Report the ad to us.




Who can open a Pro Account?

Anyone can open a Pro Account. You can create one for free.

Creating a Pro Account enables faster tracking. This way, your ads are handled as a priority: this accelerates the procedure, especially if you need to post a large number of ads. In addition, there are special tools such as the dashboard to manage your ads.

The Pro Account is mandatory for professionals in the following categories: Real Estate, Watercraft, and Auto/Moto.

When you register, select the category corresponding to your business sector.


Is it free to create a Pro Account?

Creating a Pro Account is free.

You may have to pay to post an ad depending on its category. By using the Pro Account, you will benefit from our simplified payment system by purchasing credits. You can choose from the different packs offered and find a financial option tailored to your expectations.

Posting fees depend on the categories and options chosen.


I am a private individual, can I create a Pro Account?

Creating a Pro Account is free and open to everyone, especially if you need to post a large number of ads. It lets you access an advanced ad management system making tracking far easier. In addition, credit packs make payment easier.


Is a Pro Account mandatory?

The Pro Account is mandatory for professionals in Real Estate, Watercraft, and Automobiles.


How do I create a Pro Account?

To create a Pro Account, go to the “Pro Account” page, then enter your email address. Be careful which email address you use, because this is the one we will use to send you emails concerning account creation, invoices, modifications, etc.

Note: an email address is valid for one Pro Account only.

You can, however, create other Pro Accounts with new email addresses.




The Cyphoma Meetings section offers ads sorted into 3 categories: friendly, serious, and naughty.

The Meetings section is reserved for people over the age of 21.


What audience is the Meetings section intended for?

The Meetings section is intended for men and women over the age of 21 who want to meet people.


How do I sign up for the Meetings section?

There is no registration required to access the Meetings section, just post or view an ad in the desired category.


Why is there a charge for ads in the Meetings section?

There is a charge for ads in the Meetings section because this enables us to verify the age of the users and to ensure a better quality of service.




How do I advertise on the site?

To advertise on Cyphoma, follow this tutorial